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Redken for Men Aquafy Shampoo

Redken for Men Aquafy moisturizing shampoo for dry hair cleans and restores moisture to dry hair. Glycerine saturates the surface, while glocosamine replenishes from within. Leaves hair conditioned, shiny and healthy-looking.

Redken for Men Body Up Shampoo

Redken for Men Body Up volumizing shampoo for fine hair quickly cleans and restores volume to fine hair fast; wonít build up or weigh hair down. Weightless styler leaves hair fuller... volumized.

Redken for Men Densify Thickening Shampoo

Redken for Men Densify thickening shampoo for thinning hair builds inner strength into thinning hair with reinforcing ceramide and texturizing polymers. Leaves hair looking magnified... densified.

Redken for Men Get Relaxed Shampoo

Redken for Men Get Relaxed smoothing shampoo for coarse, unruly hair cleans and smoothes coarse, unmanageable hair. Infuses hair with cationic micro-refiners to control and de-frizz. Leaves hair refined... relaxed.

Redken for Men Go Clean Shampoo

Redken for Men Go clean daily invigorating shampoo for normal hair cleans fast, removing oil and build-up. Menthol invigorates the scalp. Leaves hair feeling energized... invigorated.

Redken for Men Retaliate Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Redken for Men Retaliate anti-dandruff shampoo for itchy flaking scalp with pyrithione zinc for itchy flaking scalp gently cleanses, controls dandruff related flakes and helps clarify hair and scalp with regular use. With a formula rich in protein and carbs, Retaliate fortifies, energizes and helps prevent the recurrence of dandruff and dandruff-related itchiness.



Redken for Men Finish Up Conditioner

Redken for Men Finish up daily weightless conditioner for all hair types instantly smoothes hair with no extra weight. Moisturizers leave hair with natural shine. Hair looks revitalized... weightless.



Redken for Men Bulk Up Spray

Redken for Men Bulk Up Thickening Spray is a non-aerosol spray that lifts roots and adds body, fullness and texture to fine or thinning hair. You may not be able to bring back hair that's already gone, but you can make sure you make the most of the hair you have left.

Redken for Men Get Groomed Finishing Cream

Redken for Men Get Groomed finishing cream Keep it smooth! Weight-free cream delivers light control. Styles look clean-cut, well-groomed. Silicone smoothes and brings out extra shine.

Redken for Men Grip Tight Firm Hold Gel

Redken for Men Grip Tight firm hold gel Grab control of style! High-control formula holds hair firm and provides long lasting, flake-free style. Silicone adds shine and texture.

Redken for Men Hold Still Firm Styling Spray

Redken for Men Hold still firm styling spray locks down styles with firm lasting hold, natural vibrant shine and a clean finish. Redken for Men Hold still firm styling spray has a humidity-resistant formula that controls fly away hair and static without building up. Brushes out easily as well.

Redken for Men Maneuver Working Wax

Redken for Men Maneuver working wax Manipulate your style! Clean, moldable texture lets you direct, construct, reinvent and re-design. Panthenol instantly smoothes in a natural finish.

Redken for Men Polish Up Defining Pomade

Redken for Men Polish Up defining pomade Buff up hair with high shine! Works through hair for strong definition and flexibility without weight. Moisturizers add super shine and provide moist separation.

Redken for Men Stand Tough Extreme Hold Gel

Redken Stand Tough extreme hold gel creates sharp shape, definition and shine. Ionic bonds solidify hold for maximum staying power.

Redken for Men Work Hard Power Paste

Redken Work Hard power paste is a firm, moldable paste that works easily through hair for shaping styles with ultimate control. Polystretch fibers keep styling flexible.

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